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In-Person Safety Protocol

Insight Education is committed to protecting our students’ health and well-being during the Covid pandemic. We have specific safety protocols in place for all live students taking part in tutoring, in-person meetings, or live classes. 

Our Safety Protocols

  • Temperature checks are mandatory at the front entrance 

  • Masks are mandatory and must be covering both the mouth and the nose

  • Hand sanitizers are available throughout the office 

  • We log every person who enters our office at the time of arrival, take their temperature, and record at their time of departure 

  • Classrooms are accessible directly from the hallway such that class students do not enter our main office area 

  • As educators, our team has begun the vaccination process and we expect that the entire Insight team will be fully vaccinated soon 

  • Insight staff is required to take a Covid test every 2 weeks and produce a negative result 

Tutoring Set-Up

The door leads directly to the hallway and is right next to the building exit, so the student will only have to enter the Insight office front desk for check-in. We have set up a large work table for tutoring, including a whiteboard in close proximity. The large table allows for social distancing, too, but face covering must be worn throughout the class. At the beginning and the end of each session, the classroom space is thoroughly sanitized.


Diagnostic Testing Set-Up

For students who would like to take the SAT, ACT, AP, or BYU test in-person, we schedule one student for each classroom. The student will not share the classroom space with anyone else for the entire duration of his or her exam. We will also ask the student to wear a mask during the exam.

For siblings who are taking the diagnostic tests at the same time, we have desks set up 6 feet apart. Again, the students are required to wear masks for safety and to best simulate actual test conditions.


Our centers are fully operational during Covid-19. We also offer virtual meetings, test-prep classes, BYU online test proctoring, and online 1:1 tutoring. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us: info@insight-education.net

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