SAT Pinnacle Turbo Option 2 (Online)

SAT Advantage Summer Session 2 + SAT August Boot Camp (Online) = 21 Days! This bundle includes comprehensive content review and intensive test-taking drills. In addition, the Insight SAT Pinnacle Turbo Option consists of

 – 70 hours of instructions and test review
 – 14 full-length diagnostic tests
 – 4 one-on-one individual conferences 


Class Schedule

Advantage Session 2:  June 13 – July 6  (No class on July 5, 2021)
August Boot Camp:     August 1 – August 12  

 – Class meet virtually via Zoom
 – Diagnostic exams are self-proctored

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Target Test Date: August 27, 2022

Please note, target test date is a suggestion but not required! Students can take this class as preparation for any upcoming test dates. 


Get the Most out of Online Learning

Like in-person classes, students who are engaged and participating in class will gain the most benefit from this time. Students will be required to be visibly present on the virtual platform (video feeds on) and should take notes and ask questions when necessary and appropriate. For local students, class materials must be picked up at a designated time before class is set to begin.


The Insight 1600-SAT Boot Camps

> Our Summer SAT Prep Classes start with the SAT Advantage Classes. These are Intermediate level classes for students preparing to take the SAT in the coming months. Over the course of the class, our program will equip you with the skills and knowledge to perform well on the test day. Our instructor will spend time on test mechanics and test-taking strategies, including time-saving techniques, efficient reading comprehension, and multi-choice elimination strategies.

> For students looking to fast-track their SAT scores, the Insight SAT Boot Camp is the most ideal choice. This 10-day intensive test prep course includes daily full-length SAT practice tests and instructor-led class lectures and detailed test reviews. This structure empowers our students to build the endurance and the confidence necessary to succeed when they take the real SAT. The Boot Camps will cover conceptual learning, strategies, and test-specific fundamentals, and the challenges of the given day.

> Our in-house proprietary curriculum also teaches techniques intended to help improve speed and accuracy. Regular homework assignments will help students internalize the skills and knowledge they have learned in the classroom while the SAT Boot Camp Review days will help term build endurance and comfort with the full-length, 3-hour SAT Exam.

> Please note instructors and dates listed for this class are subject to change. 


Have questions about virtual classes? Contact us to learn more about how we’re supporting students during COVID-19 and our virtual learning philosophies