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Summer Test Prep – Friend, or Foe?

When you’re writing out a list of all the fun things you’re going to do this summer, I’ll bet for 95% of you, studying for the SAT or ACT doesn’t come to mind.


And yet, in many cases, using some of those precious 3-months to study for an upcoming standardized test may actually be one of the best things you could do for yourself.


Here are 5 reasons why studying for your standardized test in the summer should take a spot on your list:


You have more time (and less other things on your mind)

This is a simple and obvious one. During the school year, your attention is split between the many things you have on in that given day. You have homework from school, long-term projects to do, extra-curricular activities, perhaps a part-time job, not to mention wanting to spend time with family and friends. In the summertime, that brain space you were using for homework and projects can be dedicated to something else!


You have flexibility in your schedule

Rather than being bound by the school schedule, you can decide how to spend each day. Doing an internship for all of July? Great! That means you can dedicate a week or two in August to focus on your SAT or ACT study, and not have to give anything up to do so.


Summertime study means you can pick HOW you study

Like studying alone? Perfect, set up a study zone in your house (think minimal distractions – that means the smartphone stays on the other side of the room!). Like studying in a group? Sounds good, meet up with some friends at the library or outside, or join a test prep class. Make studying work for YOU. You can sit outside and study in the sunshine, or dedicate a couple hours in the morning to inside study so you can spend the afternoon doing something else.


Keep your brain active and push that knowledge into the next school year

While studying right after you finish up the school year might not sound that great in theory, in practice it’s a really great way to solidify all the things you’ve just learned and take them into the next school year. This is especially useful in your Sophomore to Junior year when it comes to learning the content for your standardized test. If you begin studying in June, right after finishing school, when it comes to the next school year you’ll already be familiar with a lot of the concepts you’re covering in class. A little work now means you can tick the test off your to-do list, and have a leg up in class for your Junior year!


You’ll be ready to ace the test in the next sitting – and not have to think about it again!

We’ll be honest, for most people, the best part of studying for and taking a standardized test is when it’s over. Getting it out of the way means you don’t have to think about it during the school year, and can focus on all the other fun things ahead.


Summer test prep is your friend… Just maybe not the type of friend you want to hang out with EVERY summer. Plan your upcoming summer wisely and future-you will be thanking you for it!


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