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AP Boot Camps 

An AP Test isn’t just another multiple-choice test. It is a semi-standardized examination, but that’s where the similarity ends. Your AP exam is your chance to prove your mastery of an in-depth subject area. It may even be worth college credit for you. And your responses won’t just be fed into a computer; they will also be read and graded by real professors who are experts in their field.

Insight AP Boot Camp Class and Exam Prep focus on your AP test-taking skills  — time management, bridging gaps in conceptual and content knowledge, practicing critical thinking and analysis skills, and learning from mistakes — in a dynamic group setting, as well as one-on-one settings. Our instructors are subject matter specialists who love what they do. Each instructor has an undergraduate degree or higher in a relevant field and past teaching experience.

Insight’s AP Boot Camp Class and Exam Prep include AP evaluation types depending on the subject: Free Response Questions (FRQ), Document-Based Questions (DBQ), Multiple-Choice Questions, and other in-depth analysis and study. Your tutor will help you hone your analysis and critical thinking skills, not simply tell you what to memorize and regurgitate onto a multiple-choice test form.

More about your Boot Camp  

  • Trained and experienced instructors with BA/BS Degrees or higher in the subject area they are teaching
  • Instructors are also high-scorers on their exams
  • AP Boot Camp = $500

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