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We are interested in having Insight present at our school or business

We would be delighted to offer our "Art of College Admissions" or other seminar / workshop at your school or business. Please email holly@insight-education to check availability and find out more 

How do we get started with Insight services?

For counseling, you can start by scheduling a 1-hour Initial College Planning Session. Fill out and submit our information form and we will get in contact with you to find a counselor and a time that works for you.

For Test Prep Classes & Boot Camps, you can choose the relevant class dates that work for you, and then contact us to book in. If the class dates don't fit with your schedule, please let us know as we can see what other options may be available for you.

For one-on-one tutoring, other enrollments like a BYU Test, Middle School Counseling, Transfers, etc. or for more information regarding our services, please contact us at 408-252-5050 or email us at info@insight-education.net or fill out our information form and we will get in touch with you.

How much do student scores improve? Do we offer guarantees?

The results vary greatly from student to student depending on how much work they put in in terms of consistent attendance, preparing ahead of time, completing homework assignments, and being attentive and ready for exams and instruction.

At Insight, we do not provide a guarantee because it is very easy to manipulate the guarantee by offering you a harder test on Day 1 and an easy test on the last day, a practice that we firmly believe is a disservice to the student. We want students to be genuinely prepared and feel confident in their abilities, and base our teaching and classes around that philosophy.

What is the qualification of an Insight instructor?

All of our instructors at least have a BA/BS and are very well experienced teaching the classes and tutoring students. We work closely with our instructors to make sure they are always prepared and able to work with students at all levels. 

Can you enroll only in part counseling instead of a full package?

Over the years we have experimented with our service model and we have come up with the structure that works best for our company. We do understand that some people do not believe they need the comprehensive counseling packages as we offer them and we understand that.

Because our counseling philosophy relies so heavily on the student-counselor relationship, it is imperative that a family engages in a program that allows for the relationship to grow and flourish.

Please contact us to discuss further what services you are looking for.

How do you ensure that you are choosing the right counselor for your student?

We try to assign the counselor who will be the best fit for your child based on the information you provide before the consultation. Every counselor is well qualified and extremely experienced with students across all ages, high schools and fields of interest.

Each counseling package begins with a one hour college meeting with the counselor, student and parents. This will allow you a chance to get to know the counselor and make sure that the student finds a good fit with them. 

Does the student always have a single counselor?

Our goal is to match you with one primary counselor throughout your time with us to build and continue to grow a strong rapport over the course of your son/daughter’s counseling program.

That said, we work as a small team of counselors at Insight and sometimes get second opinions on student essays and have our students do practice interviews with co-counselors to get a fresh perspective from someone who will not be as familiar with the student. We find that this helps the students work to be stronger, and their interview skills to improve as they mirror a real-life scenario. 

What is Middle School Counseling and why would a student need that?

Some children are more mature than others but in general we do not recommend a counseling package at this age.

We typically start by an hourly Middle School Consultation. If you are considering changing high schools, applying to private high schools or have concerns in regards to middle school prep and entrance tests, we recommend doing an hourly middle school consultation. We are very experienced with middle school students and the challenges both they and their parents are facing but we work on an hourly basis.

Following a smooth transition from middle school to high school, we can work with the student for High School Planning and College Admissions Counseling starting with their Freshman Year of High School.

What is the best time to start College Admissions Counseling?

We see piques in demand at the beginning of the school year and in January for 9th, 10th and 11th graders.

We have students who begin as early as seventh grade and as late as November of senior year.

We encourage families to begin as early as their child feels ready which helps them to develop a strong rapport with his or her counselor that builds over several years. Once you do the Initial Consultation you can decide as a family if this is the right time for you. Some people prefer support throughout high school and some people are happy with just senior year. It is easy for us to suggest that you enroll today but that may not be accurate for your family.

It is a personal decision and you and your child need to do what feels right. An initial counseling meeting of 1 hour will help you make an informed decision, and we are happy to work with you on that.

Why should a student enroll in Counseling at Insight Education?

High School and College Admissions Counseling is a comprehensive program individually tailored around each student and family's needs and goals. We help with short and long term planning to build academic study plans, improved time management, social skills, summer schedules, test prep, volunteering profiles, and more. An Insight student and their family has a dedicated and experienced professional who is committed to their short and long term educational and college admissions goals.

About Insight Education and our experience

Insight Education was founded in 1999, and we have just celebrated our 18th Anniversary.

Co-owners Ajit Jain and Purvi Mody bring together a small but strong group of counselors with decades of experience between them. Insight has offices located in Cupertino, Fremont, Santa Cruz and Boston, MA.

Our mission is to provide personalized and dedicated service to each and every student and family that works with us. Our counseling is one-on-one and flexible to your schedule. We also offer virtual counseling via Skype for students that have busy schedules and would prefer not to meet in the office. Our counselors have worked with over 1500 students not only in Silicon Valley, but in the United States and a number of international students as well.

We also over comprehensive test prep, with SAT and ACT test prep classes as well as one-on-one tutoring available. We also cover AP's and subject tests.

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