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Graduate School Admissions Counseling


Graduate level admissions differ significantly from the undergraduate admissions process most students are familiar with. Unfortunately, many aspiring professionals are unprepared as they begin the process.

While there are many more applicants at the undergraduate level, each and every graduate level applicant has, at a minimum, distinguished him- or herself with the successful completion of a degree. Furthermore, many graduate student applicants have extensive life experiences, professional experiences, research experiences, and other accolades that help them stand out from the crowd.

At Insight, we have worked with countless students who were once feeling exactly the way you feel today. As applicants once ourselves and now as advisors, we understand the intricate and detailed graduate admissions process and we are here to demystify it for you and get you prepared, no matter how ambitious your goals.

Graduate School Admissions can vary significantly from school to school and program type to program type. At Insight we support both current undergraduates applying to graduate school and working professionals preparing to return to school. Our single goal is to help you get the favorable response you’re looking for, and we have the experience with and insight into the process that allows us to help you crack it.

Our graduate school admissions services include assisting students applying to:

  • Medical school
  • Law school
  • Letters and Sciences Graduate Programs
  • Engineering Graduate Programs

We will assist you in building a list of schools and making wise choices about your options. We help you prepare your essays and applications the right way. And we are here to aid you in staying on track with all requirements and deadlines — without undue stress.

Find out more about this important investment into your future.

What Are Insight Students & Parents saying?
  • “I took an Insight SAT Boot Camp, and afterward I got 1570 on the SAT! 800 in MATH!”

  • “It was the best experience ever! Purvi is so friendly and she really knows her stuff. She helped me to edit my personal statements for UCs.”

  • “My counselor paid attention to every detail & she made me feel more relaxed & confident. The result was good, I got into UC Berkeley”

  • “Purvi’s expertise & guidance  helped our daughter get accepted to schools of her choice, one actually offered a full scholarship!”

  • “We had a wonderful experience. Purvi helped our son structure his thoughts that helped him write stellar college application essays.   ”

  • “ My daughter’s Insight counselor was extremely helpful not only in devising the overall College Plan for her but also helped in educating ”

  • “ We were extremely happy throughout the process - got much more than what we invested in Insight counseling.”

  • “For my college application process, I enrolled in Virtual Insight Counseling from Texas. I spoke with my counselor regularly and without any”

  • “From their knowledge of all the colleges and resources, professionalism and the hands on coaching, Insight Education has raised the bar for ”

  • “Were it not for them, I don't think that I would have chosen a school that matches my needs and goals. ”

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