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SAT- Reading & Writing, ACT- English & Reading, High School English Language Development, US History, World History

Ben is a passionate instructor who loves the English language and he brings that passion to his students every day. He holds an undergraduate degree in English, an MA in English and an MFA in English-Creative Writing. All of his degrees are from San Francisco State University. Ben is an alum of the Kings Academy and grew up in the Bay Area. Ben has been with Insight Education since 2011 teaching numerous SAT boot camps, SAT Classes, AP US History Classes, World History Classes, and private 1-1 SAT & ACT Prep and other private tutoring assignments. Ben is currently also a lecturer at San Francisco State University and Ohlone College.

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SAT- Reading, Writing& Math, ACT- English-Reading & Math-Science, All levels of Chemistry

Cindy earned her B.S. Chemistry degree at Lafayette College and her Ph.D. at Stanford University. Following a career in the pharmaceutical industry, culminating in the role of Director of Informatics at Roche Bioscience, Cindy started her journey as a teacher in 2007, having been a lecturer at Santa Clara University and Virginia Tech. Cindy has extensive experience teaching all the sections of SAT & ACT, and all levels of Chemistry- Chem Honors, SAT Subject Test Chemistry and AP Chemistry at Insight Education and otherwise. Cindy sees life as a journey of learning and experiencing the world, and her students benefit tremendously from the diversity of her perspective.

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All levels of Math, Chemistry, Physics

Ganesh Vanamu, an expert Sciences tutor and a Senior Research Scientist at a multinational tech company, earned his Ph.D in Chemical Engineeringfrom New Mexico University. In his seven years of teaching career, Ganesh has gained extensive experience in teaching SAT/ACT Math/Math & Science, and all levels of High School Chemistry, Math Level-2 & Physics in one-on-one as well as classroom setting. His patience in dealing with students across various academic interests, a unique mentoring approach and his passion for teaching continues to benefit students in enhancing their learning and test-taking strategies. 

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SAT- Reading, Writing& Math, ACT- English, Reading, Math & Science, All levels of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Math

Jennifer holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University and a Master’s degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Stanford University. She led various research projects at the NASA Ames Research Center before shifting gears to academics. With more than 15 years of experience in teaching high school academics, Jennifer prides her expertise across all levels of Mathematics, including SAT Math and ACT Math/Science, Math Level-2, Calculus and Statistics. Her knowledge and teaching expertise of high school and university-level science subjects includes Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Engineering, as well as English, History and Economics. Her forte lies in collaborating with the students to support them in achieving their academic goals through personalized approach and instruction.

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SAT- Math, ACT- Math & Science, All levels of Math and Calculus

Julian graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor Degree in Music, which has a significant tie-in with upper-level math comprehension and study, which was complimented with his Undergraduate Math subjects of Real Analysis and Differential Equations. His personal interest and professional experience in these courses have enabled him to tutor all levels of Math, including SAT-Math, ACT-Math & Science, SAT Subject Test Math Level 2 and AP Calculus AB/BC. With more than 4 years of teaching experience, Julian has also played a significant role in Insight’s SAT Math curriculum development. In addition to the coursework, he makes his class/tutoring session engaging by including a variety of online videos and reference material in his instruction.

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ACT- English & Reading, High School English Language Development

Natalie has been teaching English and Reading for more than 30 years after earning her B.A. In English at Yale University and Master’s Degree as a Reading Specialist from Purdue University. After retiring from De Anza College, Natalie specializes in ACT- English and Reading, and High School English Language Development tutoring and class instruction at Insight. She loves to read and believes that reading is one key to contentment and success.

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SAT- Math, ACT- Math & Science, All levels of Biology, Chemistry, Biology & Math

Shashank, a Bay Area native from San Jose, holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from UC San Diego and a Master of Science in Global Medicine from USC. He has earned numerous academic honors through the UCSD Division of Biological Sciences and the Keck School of Medicine at USC. He also has substantial experience working with student groups of all sizes and backgrounds through leading student organizations. He attended Lynbrook High School and is well versed in the district curriculum and has a genuine understanding of the academic and extracurricular challenges that his students face. His extensive subject knowledge, combined with his tutoring and mentoring experience, will help all of his students succeed.

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    June 5, 2017

    I have had the great honor of sitting on panels about college admissions. One that has stuck with me was a panel to share with students the true value of a college education and how to best prepare for it. It was an opportunity to see life not as one..
  • Summer Freedom Can Still Be Productive!

    May 25, 2017

    As final exams conclude, as you turn in your year-end projects, as you wait for AP scores and prepare for your upcoming SAT, ACT, and SAT subject tests in June, as you begin to pack for a summer trip, a new internship, or (gulp) college, please stop ..
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    May 16, 2017

    For all you high school seniors out there, you are ready to embark on a new stage in your life. For the first time, you will be in full control of your destiny and your day-to-day life. While you may just want to jump into the college experience and ..
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    May 10, 2017

    It’s no secret that getting into an elite university is tougher than ever, but few of us are aware of just how rapidly the admissions landscape has shifted in recent years. Universities across the U.S. have not only seen dramatic shifts in who appl..
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    October 5, 2016

    Do you know how you actually spend your time? Gone are the days of my high school life when I was waiting for the bus, I would pick up my book and read. Now you can fill your time with Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, read through your texts, Tweet, take ..
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    August 10, 2016

    How much do colleges weight sports? Does it help if I quit tennis and pursue a more unique sport? Can I get into a top school if I am Captain of Speech and Debate? Do I really have to do research? Is 1600 the score I need to get into any college? Wha..
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    April 16, 2016

    Each year a number of my students are admitted and a number are rejected. Such is the life of an admissions counselor. And on this day, my colleague and I had a similar task: we each were asked by parents of our students to explain the decision their..
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    April 16, 2016

    One of the ongoing debates in the world of college admissions is how to make the entire process more affordable, especially to families in lower income brackets. The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success (CAAS), a diverse group with more ..


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