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Available – Chris

All math subjects from Pre-Algebra, SAT Math, AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Statistics

Chris holds a BA in Math and is working towards his MS in Applied Math at San Jose State University . His primary focus is in the field of dynamics, and he has contributed to research on the economic analysis of cryptocurrencies and statistical mechanics of plasmas. Throughout his college career, he has concurrently taught all areas of math from Algebra through Calculus III. He strives to build his students’ critical thinking skills as well as their confidence in problem solving.

Ready to meet with Chris? Email us at info@insight-education.net to find out more information and request a time to meet!

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Available – Christine

SAT all section, ACT all sections, all levels English, Pre-Calculus Honors, AP English Language and Composition, AP Statistics

Born and raised in San Jose, Christine graduated from Lynbrook High School in 2017. Currently, she is a senior at Rice University studying Kinesiology-Sports Medicine with a minor in Neuroscience. She has experience teaching science to elementary school through high school students and is passionate about educational equity. She is proficient in the ACT and SAT preparation, essay writing/proofreading, and various other school subjects such as AP Statistics, AP English Language and Composition, and Pre-calculus honors. After graduating, Christine will be pursuing her Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) in Texas.

Ready to meet with Christine? Email us at info@insight-education.net to find out more information and request a time to meet!

Christine is fully vaccinated against Covid-19. 

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Available – Christopher

All levels of History & Economics (including Honors, SAT subjects, and AP World History, US History, European History, Micro Economics, Macro Economics

Chris left a career in sales and business management to fulfill a long-held dream of becoming a teacher. A graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, with a degree in Economics, Christopher went back to school more than a decade later to earn his teaching credential and Masters in Education. He is now at Paso Robles High School, teaching Modern World History, AP European History, and Technical Theater. He is particularly proud of developing and growing the AP European History curriculum and loves engaging students in critical thinking, empathy, historical reasoning, and analytical skills.

Ready to meet with Christopher? Email us at info@insight-education.net to find out more information and request a time to meet!

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Available – Elizabeth

Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 / Trigonnometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, Biology (all levels), Chemistry (all levels), Psychology, and Japanese

Elizabeth holds a B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from New York University. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Johns Hopkins University in the same field. As both a private tutor and a Teaching Assistant at the School of Engineering, she has taught all levels of Math, Chemistry, and Biology. From Pre-Algebra to Calculus III & Differential Equations, she has successfully helped students of any age to reach their learning goals. In her research-oriented career path Elizabeth has led nanobiotechnology projects for the treatment of difficult bone injuries in diabetic patients.

Ready to meet with Elizabeth? Email us at info@insight-education.net to find out more information and request a time to meet!

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Available – Jennifer

SAT all sections, ACT all sections, All levels of Physics, Chemistry (up to Honors), Biology, Math (up to Calc AB), US History, Economics

Jennifer holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University and a Master’s degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Stanford University. She led various research projects at the NASA Ames Research Center before shifting gears to academics. With more than 15 years of experience in teaching high school academics, Jennifer prides her expertise across all levels of Mathematics, including SAT Math and ACT Math/Science, Math Level-2, Calculus and Statistics. Her knowledge and teaching expertise of high school and university-level science subjects includes Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering, as well as English, History, and Economics. Her forte lies in collaborating with the students to support them in achieving their academic goals through personalized approach and instruction.

Ready to meet with Jennifer? Email us at info@insight-education.net to find out more information and request a time to meet!

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Available – Matt

SAT all sections, ACT all sections, Math all levels, Computer Science

Matt has a Master’s in Mathematics from the University of Oregon and taught all levels math there for five years. After a brief stint in the software industry, Matt also taught English in Taiwan and tutored primary school students in phonics and readAll ing at Lindamood-Bell. He also has experience in editing and proofreading essays for history and English classes. 

Ready to meet with Matt? Email us at info@insight-education.net to find out more information and request a time to meet!

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Available – Nikhil

SAT and ACT English & Math, all levels Biology

Nikhil graduated from Lynbrook High School, has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology and Biology from Washington University in St. Louis then earned his M.D. He is currently Chief Resident of the ICU at the Internal Medicine Program at the University of Tennessee. He has an extensive background in Cardiology research at Stanford University and has tutored with Insight on and off since 2013. He has expertise in areas of math and science as well as the SAT and ACT. Nikhil is passionate about teaching and providing an individually tailored education for students along with honing test-taking strategies.

Ready to meet with Nikhil? Email us at info@insight-education.net to find out more information and request a time to meet!

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Available – Rahul

All levels of Chemistry & Biology - Honors, AP classes, and SAT Subject Tests

Rahul is a local Cupertino native and graduated from Monta Vista High School in 2014. He has a Bachelors’s degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry from Purdue University and is currently pursuing his Masters at Drexel University. Rahul has experience tutoring high school students in AP chemistry as well as being a peer tutor for general chemistry and advanced general chemistry to chemistry majors, biological science majors, engineering majors, and pharmacy majors back at Purdue University. Overall, he thinks chemistry is a fascinating science. If taught well and with enthusiasm using real-life examples and up-to-date problem-solving techniques, he believes that everyone can learn to appreciate and enjoy the science!

Ready to meet with Rahul? Email us at info@insight-education.net to find out more information and request a time to meet!

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Available – Thomas

SAT all sections, ACT all sections, Biology all levels, Chemistry all levels, Spanish all levels, AP Environmental Science

Thomas has a BS in Environmental Science and a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from UC Berkeley. After graduating, he spent several years working in law firms and finance companies before deciding to pursue teaching. Since then, he has taught English in public schools in Spain as well as helped many students with the SAT, ACT, and school subjects. He believes that there is joy in learning and approaches education with the goal of working with each student’s learning style to bring out their learning style. In his free time, he enjoys classical music, cooking, and playing rugby.

Ready to meet with Thomas? Email us at info@insight-education.net to find out more information and request a time to meet!

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SAT- Reading & Writing, ACT- English & Reading, High School English Language Development, US History, World History

Ben is a passionate instructor who loves the English language and he brings that passion to his students every day. He holds an undergraduate degree in English, an MA in English and an MFA in English-Creative Writing. All of his degrees are from San Francisco State University. Ben is an alum of the Kings Academy and grew up in the Bay Area. Ben has been with Insight Education since 2011 teaching numerous SAT boot camps, SAT Classes, AP US History Classes, World History Classes, and private 1-1 SAT & ACT Prep and other private tutoring assignments. Ben is currently also a lecturer at San Francisco State University and Ohlone College.

Currently Accepting Students: NO

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All levels of Chemistry - Chemistry Honors, AP Chemistry, and SAT Subject Test Chemistry

Gary holds a PhD in Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz. He served as a tenured professor at De Anza College for over 12 years and has over 22 years of teaching experience in Chemistry. Gary is also a current member of the faculty at West Valley College and has previously taught at a number of California Community Colleges and CSU campuses. Since 2011, Gary has taught all levels of Chemistry- Chemistry Honors, SAT Subject Test Chemistry and AP Chemistry in Classes and extensive 1-1 tutoring at Insight. He is a fantastic instructor who keeps his students engaged and learning throughout the course with a sprinkle of humor and storytelling.

Currently Accepting Student: NO

Gary is fully vaccinated against Covid-19. 

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