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The Art of College Admissions

The Art of College Admissions

What are College Admissions Looking For? What might be the future impact Covid-19 has on the admissions policies? Join Insight Education’s webinar on “The Art of College Admissions” to learn from Insight’s 21 years of College Admissions Experience and What it Means for Students Navigating the Age of Covid and Social Upheaval Nationwide.


A FREE Community Webinar for high school students and families hosted by INSIGHT EDUCATION! 

Date: August 30, 2020

Time: 10:00am – 11:30am

Location: Online via Zoom

Please note: due to the high demand of this webinar, we recommend you reserve your spot early.


The College Admissions landscape has changed drastically over the past 21 years since Insight Education was founded.


Since 1999, Insight Education has advised thousands of students and their families as they embarked on their college admissions journey. Our dedicated team of education professionals is committed to providing personalized and comprehensive guidance through every facet of the high school experience and college admissions process.


Beyond test scores and GPA, we seek to foster curiosity and intellectual rigor in our students. Our values emphasize building sincere relationships with our families, anchored in trust, honesty, and a commitment to purposeful, compassionate listening.


Our rich history and experience, along with our understanding of high schools and the holistic approach colleges employ as they evaluate applicants, sets Insight apart in our ability to help students and families realize their educational goals. As our students transition into adulthood, we prepare them to leave Insight with the tools to engage in the lifelong learning process wholeheartedly, and to benefit from all that college has to offer.

Our Presentation will Cover:

* What has changed over the past 21 years and what that means for students today?
* How to pick a major and why it matters?
* What does “Holistic Admissions” really mean?
* What do colleges truly want to see on the application?
* How to balance extracurricular activities and academic profiles?
* How can modern-day students prepare for success in life after college?
* Debunk the most common college application myths and more.


We will be recording the event for use on social media and promotional activities in the future. By registering and attending this event, you are giving Insight Education LLC permission to record and produce footage that you may be a part of through live Q&A or Chats. 


It’s not just the destination that matters – it’s how you get there. We’re here to help you make the most of high school! We look forward to meeting you.


Thank you,

The Insight Team