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What are students saying about the Insight Test Prep?

Join the hundreds of confident Insight students and improve your scores for the ACT or SAT!

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Insight SAT test prep student testimonial



“There was a practice exam every class, and I enjoyed the focus on reviewing the practice exams.” – Student from our 2020 SAT Boot Camp (Online).


“The teachers were really engaging and nice! The feedback on my essays was useful, and I liked the private sessions meeting with them one-on-one.” – Student from our 2020 ACT Boot Camp (Online).



“I was happy that we were able to review the test material thoroughly each time.” – Student from our 2021 ACT Boot Camp (Online).



“I like that there was a full explanation of each question we went over, with no prior knowledge needed. I was able to see how to use the topics of what I learned in school.” – Student from our 2021 SAT Test Prep.



“After I took Insight’s SAT Boot Camp, I got a 1570 on my SAT! 800 on Math!” – Insight Alumn