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5 Blunders to Avoid During Your College Campus Tour

Visiting the campus or going on a guided college campus tour can provide insights into the institution and help you make an informed decision. To ensure you have a productive and meaningful visit, we want to share our insights into the top 5 don’ts to avoid during your college tour:


1. Dismissing the Surrounding Community

explore local community during your college campus tourWhile the campus itself is a vital aspect, understanding the local environment is equally crucial. The community surrounding the college will be your home away from home, so take the opportunity to explore it. Find a nice café or a restaurant near the campus. Take a stroll in the surrounding neighborhood. Maybe strike up a conversation or two with the locals. Learning about the city or the local area’s safety, amenities, and cultural offerings may impact your overall college experience.


2. Not Engaging with Current Students

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is not engaging with current students during your college tour. These individuals can provide valuable insights into campus life, academic rigor, extracurricular opportunities, and the overall student experience. By interacting with them, you can gain a more authentic understanding of the college’s culture and whether it aligns with your aspirations and goals. Maybe you will even make a few friends before you become part of the community!


3. Skipping Important Facilities and Resources

check out other parts of the campus during your campus tourAvoid the temptation to overlook essential facilities and resources on campus. While the tour guide may highlight some key locations, take the initiative to explore academic buildings, libraries, research facilities, and recreational spaces. By skipping these areas, you might miss out on crucial information regarding study environments, research or career resources, and overall campus support.



4. Asking Generic Questions during Campus Tour

Failing to ask insightful questions is a missed opportunity for gathering important information. Do your homework before a tour. Check out the college’s website. Prepare a few questions you’d like to learn more about. Asking questions allows you to delve deeper into specific aspects of the college and provides clarity on areas that may be crucial to your college experience. Sometimes, the most important question could be as simple as “Where can I get the best food?”


5. Relying Solely on the College Campus Tour Guide

While college tour guides are knowledgeable and helpful, it’s essential to avoid relying solely on their perspectives. They may provide a positive and enthusiastic portrayal of the college, but it’s important to seek a well-rounded understanding. If you have the opportunity, interact with staff members, faculty, admissions officers, students, or alumni to gain a broader range of experiences and opinions. This will enable you to form a more balanced and comprehensive view of the college.

To learn more about a college through its alumni, set up an informational interview!


A few final insights into a successful college campus tour

Being on the college campus is an invaluable opportunity to evaluate colleges and determine which one is the best fit for you. By avoiding these five common mistakes, you can ensure a more thorough and insightful visit. A bonus tip: make sure you, the student, do most of the work and planning. You (not your parents) will spend the next 4-5 years of your life on this college campus, so gather essential information, get a feel for the university, and make an informed decision. Use these guidelines to make the most of your campus visits and find the college that will provide the ideal environment for your educational journey.


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