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Holiday Happiness with Insight: Our Holiday Traditions

For the whole month of December, Team Insight are celebrating the holidays by taking a look back at the things that bring us joy. One of the big things we all enjoy are the traditions we celebrate with our families during the season. 

Below are some of our favorite holiday traditions. What are yours? Share them with us by tagging @insighteddy on Instagram, and @InsightEduc on Facebook and Twitter

Sarah: On New Year’s Eve instead of resolutions, we each write something on a piece of paper that we want to let go of from the past year and throw it into the fire. Then we draw a card from my deck of inspirational cards and let that provide an intention for the new year. 

Christina: My favorite holiday tradition started after we had our first daughter, we would have to go to at least 2 different houses to celebrate with family. In the wee hours of Christmas morning, we open presents in our pjs, unbrushed hair and teeth and spend time together with just my own little family.

Jenny: My favorite tradition is waking up on Christmas morning and eating a slice of my Husband’s mom’s famous cinnamon swirl poppyseed bread and a slice of another neighbor’s famous Irish soda bread and drinking a coffee and fresh squeezed OJ while opening presents.

Helena: Watching Elf on repeat. Snuggling with pets when it’s cold. It’s not really a tradition, but it’s a warm and cozy thing to do. 

Zach: I enjoy watching movies with my family on Christmas Eve, holiday decorations all over the living room and our tree lit, as we wait on all gift exchanges until the morning. Some favorites include Elf, Home Alone, & the immortal Griswold classic, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  My younger brothers and I used to watch NBA games during the afternoon, but with parenthood, it’s more about helping the kids play with their new toys. This year may add new traditions, as Emily will be celebrating her very first Christmas and Benjamin will be celebrating his first as a big brother

Casey: My husband’s grandparents are still around and living throughout Northern California, so we can have as many as 5 Christmases over a 3-day period and end up driving over 400 miles, so my favorite part was surviving the madness.😆  Now that we have our son, my favorite part is wrapping gifts last-minute (like, literally 11 pm on Christmas Eve) while watching Nightmare Before Christmas and Love Actually, and then we get to have our own mini-Christmas in the early morning before embarking on our journey(s). 

Amy: Relaxing with my family, drinking hot toddies, and coming up with the most ironic secret Santa gifts.

Ally: My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the Christmas tree with my family listening to the Muppets Christmas Cd. Every year we decorate as a family and then play the card game UNO and drink brandy with eggnog. 

Holly: My favorite tradition is watching Love Actually on Christmas Eve, usually with a little bottle of bubbles and some kind of tasty treat, and then getting to open one present after the movie.


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