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Reasons Why Summer Study Can Be A Great Thing

I know most of you are probably looking forward to those days off just lounging around and relaxing all summer long, so someone like me who is telling you to study and prep for a test is a real party pooper.


However, there are some big advantages of studying for the SAT or ACT during the summer that are important to consider as you’re planning out your break. Here are just a few reasons why you may consider using those warmer months to hit the books: 


Firstly –  you can use it as your excuse to go do a really fun thing that you want to do.  So for example, your mom says no you can’t go to “Great America” theme park on Saturday with your friends, you say, “but mom, I’ve spent all week studying for the SAT/ACT and I just want to relax!” She’s more likely to let you go!


Secondly, It’s the easiest to study during the summer break when that is the only thing you have to focus on.  You won’t have an 8 hour day of school to attend, plus the homework, plus the extra-curricular activities that may keep you from giving the SAT/ACT your full attention. When you study in the summer time, you are most likely to focus on the specific test and what you need to do to reach your score goal. 


Thirdly, the best way to prepare for the test is to practice, practice, practice! And practice means taking diagnostic tests and reviewing them so you can better understand and fix your mistakes. Insight offers full-length diagnostic tests to allow students to take the test in a real testing environment – no cell phones or technology, a quiet room and the ability to see how you perform with no distractions. This is something you can do during the summer! You can also try to mimic that environment at home by putting your technology in another room and shutting out distractions while you take a practice test. 


Practicing a full test is also helpful because just understanding your body’s limitations and learning how to focus during the grueling four hours can really help you know what to expect on test day. Think of it like running a marathon – you wouldn’t decide one day to wake up and go run 26 miles right there and then, you practice with short and long runs over time to build up to the marathon. Taking a four hour test is the same! Ideally, you wouldn’t wake up one day and say “Ok, today I take the official SAT”. You want to practice what it feels like to sit and focus on the test for four hours so by the time you take the real test, your body and brain are used to that kind of pressure. 


Lastly, doing tutorials for the subject matter that you need to get more familiar with will also help you feel less anxiety on the day. You may still suffer from some form of mild test anxiety – don’t worry, this is normal! Knowing what it is for you, be it butterflies in your stomach, sweating, tapping your pencil, or erasing every imaginary stray mark – being aware is the first step in finding ways to cope. Taking deep breaths, focusing on something specific, going through a phrase in your head before the test may be what helps you. Whatever it is, having the opportunity to identify and practice is the best way to calm your nerves before test day, and why not utilize the summer to be able to do all of this and reach the goal you’ve set for yourself!


I hope that some of these reasons will be helpful when planning out your summer study! If you’re looking for a structured way to study for an upcoming test, Insight offers SAT and ACT classes throughout the summer. 


All the best, 

Jenny Bloom and Team Insight 

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