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Class of 2026 Early Decision / Early Action Notification Dates

For many of you, your college admissions season is almost wrapped up (and there is light at the end of the tunnel, we promise). The next big item coming up is early admissions decisions!


The effect of COVID-19 continues to impact college admissions this year. Many universities and colleges have extended the test-optional admissions policy due to SAT/ACT cancellation. While some colleges resume in-person campus tours, many universities continue to offer virtual information sessions and admissions interviews. In the Common App‘s optional essay section, students will have a chance to discuss how the pandemic affects their lives. One thing remains true: both students and parents are eager to know the admissions decisions!


Insights on Early Decision & Early Action

For 22 years, Insight Education is committed to helping high school students and families to navigate the college admissions process, and that includes understanding your concerns and providing a tailored strategy for you. Here are the top 3 common questions surrounding ED/EA, and you can always reach out to your Insight Counselor or contact us to find out more!


Q: What do I need to do between now and the decision time?

A: Check your portal regularly! Set up a weekly reminder and commit to checking your email and college portal. Some schools may require you to send in your progress report for the current school year.


Q: What do I do about ED II if my ED I decision won’t come back until January?

A: You can still apply to ED II. When ED I notifies your acceptance, you can withdraw your application from ED II school.


Q: What do I do if my current progress report is not as good?

A: If you are improving but your progress report doesn’t show it, ask your school counselor to make a note on your progress report before you send it to your ED school.



2021-2022 College Admissions Season –
Early Decision / Early Action Notification Date for Class of 2026

Here are early admissions decision notification dates for the upcoming Class of 2026. Please check back regularly for updated dates and times as we gather the most updated information – especially for those without specific dates and times or those labeled “TBD.”

Last Updated: November 3, 2021


Early Decision I Notification Date

Early Action Notification Date

Early Decision II Notification Date

American University December 31   February 15
Amherst College Early to Mid-December    
Babson College Mid-December  January 1 Mid-February
Barnard College Mid-December    
Bates College December 20   February 15
Baylor University December 15 January 15 March 1
Bentley University January 20   February 20
Boston College December 15   February 15
Boston University December 15   February 15
Bowdoin College Mid-December   Mid-February
Brandeis University December 15   February 1
Brown University Mid-December    
Cal Tech   Mid-December  
Carleton College December 15    
Carnegie Mellon University

December 15

April 15 February 1
Case Western University December 4 December 21 Beginning January 9
Clark University Late December Mid-January Early February
Clemson University   Mid-February  
Colgate University Mid-December   Late February
Columbia University Mid-December    
Cooper Union

Late December

Cornell University


Dartmouth College Mid-December    
Davidson College December 15   February 1
Duke University Mid-December    
Elon University December 1  December 20  
Emerson College Mid-December Mid-December February 1
Emory University December 15   February 15
Fordham University December 20  December 20  
George Mason University   December 15  
George Washington University Late-December   Late-February
Georgetown University   December 15  
Georgia Tech   TBA  
Hamilton College December 15   February 15
Harvard University   Mid-December  
Harvey Mudd December 15   February 15
Haverford College December 15   February 15
Hofstra University  

December 15

(EA 2: January 15)

Indiana University Bloomington   January 15  
Johns Hopkins University December 11   February 12
Lafayette College December 15   February 15
Lehigh University Mid-December   Mid-February
MIT   Mid-December  
Middlebury College Mid-December   Mid-February
Mount Holyoke College Late December   Late January
New York University (NYU) December 15   February 16
Northeastern University December 15 February 1 February 15
Northwestern University Mid-December    
Oberlin College December 15   February 1
Occidental College December 15   February 20
Pomona College December 15   February 15
Princeton University   Single Choice Early Action (SCEA) Decision Notification by Mid-December  
Purdue University   January 15  
Rice University TBA    
Rutgers University   January 31  
Santa Clara University Late-December Late-December Mid-February
Stanford University   December 15  
Suffolk University   TBA  
Swarthmore College Mid-December    
Tufts University Mid-December   Mid-February
Tulane University Decemeber 15 January 15 January 31
University of Chicago Mid-December Mid-December Mid-February
University of Georgia   Before December 1  
University of Illinois at Chicago   December 1  
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)   TBA  
University of Miami Late December Late January/Early February Late February
University of Michigan   Late January  
University of North Carolina (UNC)   January 31  
University of Notre Dame   Mid-December  
University of Pennsylvania Mid-December    
University of Richmond December 15 January 25 February 15
University of Rochester Mid-December   Early-February
University of San Francisco Mid-December Mid-December  
University of South Carolina   Mid-December  
University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin)   February 1  
University of Vermont   Late December  
University of Virginia TBA TBA  
Vanderbilt University January 15   TBA
Villanova University December 15 January 15 March 1
Virginia Tech Mid-December Late February  
Washington & Lee University Late-December   Late-January
Washington University in St. Louis (Wustl) TBA   TBA
Wellesley College Mid-December   Mid-February
Wesleyan University Mid-December   Mid-February
William & Mary Early December   Early February
Williams College TBA    
Worcester Polytechnic Institute December 15 January 15 February 15
Yale University   Mid-December  



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