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What are our Students are saying about Insight?

I am here writing today as an Insight alum. I just wanted to take a quick minute and truly extend my thanks and gratitude to Purvi and Ajit for providing me with such exceptional guidance as I went through my college selection process. Were it not for them, I don’t think that I would have chosen a school that matches my needs and goals.

Working closely with Purvi to work through my essays and in general talking about college life with both her and Ajit was an experience I would not have been able to receive through my high school counselors. The care that these two take in helping you school goes above and beyond. They have the unique ability to understand the student through and through and help them achieve their potential. They ability to assure parents is definitely a big plus! It helps having such a team on your side where you can go with all your questions and concerns. Their resources are vast and they always will go the extra mile in helping you find the answers that you need.

The endless supply of literature on colleges across the nation continues to grow with each year! Their promptness in interacting with the student is something that definitely makes the whole application process a lot less scary. I definitely wasn’t as stressed about the application process due to Purvi’s diligence in making sure that I had every single base covered 🙂  Today, I see them help my younger brother with the same zeal and enthusiasm as they had when they were helping me during my own process. I know that he will also benefit, just like I did, by having Insight as such a great resource. 

I walked away from Insight with not only a great experience, but also two friends that still care just as much about my future as they did back when I was just a high school senior. It’s great having Ajit as a sounding board for advice as I continued through my college years.  As I am getting ready to graduate, I am thankful to still have Purvi and Ajit as mentors and friends who can provide me guidance and support as I start my own career in the business world. So if you are still not convinced, let me leave you with these simple words: trust me, your kid will definitely be getting that competitive edge by being a part of Insight and Ajit and Purvi will do everything to help them achieve their undergraduate aspirations!

To find out more about Insight College Admissions Counseling, visit https://www.insight-education.net/high-school-college-admissions-counseling/ 

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What Are Insight Students & Parents saying?
  • I took an Insight SAT Boot Camp, and afterward I got 1570 on the SAT! 800 in MATH!

  • It was the best experience ever! Purvi is so friendly and she really knows her stuff. She helped me to edit my personal statements for UCs.

  • My counselor paid attention to every detail & she made me feel more relaxed & confident. The result was good, I got into UC Berkeley!

  • Purvi’s expertise & guidance  helped our daughter get accepted to schools of her choice, one actually offered a full scholarship!

  • We had a wonderful experience. Purvi helped our son structure his thoughts that helped him write stellar college application essays.   

  • My daughter’s Insight counselor was extremely helpful not only in devising the overall College Plan for her but also helped in educating us – the parents – on the process.

  • We were extremely happy throughout the process – got much more than what we invested in Insight counseling.

  • For my college application process, I enrolled in Virtual Insight Counseling from Texas. I spoke with my counselor regularly and without any trouble; I was obtaining the best college coaching I could have possibly asked for. Not only did Insight assist me in transforming my essays but also assisted me in finding the college which fit me best.

  • From their knowledge of all the colleges and resources, professionalism and the hands on coaching, Insight Education has raised the bar for any college admissions counseling company.

  • Were it not for them, I don’t think that I would have chosen a school that matches my needs and goals.

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