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Make Sure “Senioritis” Doesn’t Spoil Your College Dreams

After submitting their college applications, I’ll bet what high school seniors want most to do is just relax — something they have not gotten to do in a long while! And while I do believe they deserve to savor these unscheduled and unhurried moments, I would caution them that the effort they just put in can unravel if they let “senioritis” seep in.


Their friends may tell them second semester grades do not matter. If that was the case, do you think second semester would exist at all? Of course they still matter. Colleges reserve the right to rescind any offers of admission if academic standards drop. Simply getting one more B than normal is not going to throw an admissions officer into a tizzy, but a startling number of lower grades or a failing grade (and a D counts as a failing grade) can mean lax seniors will have nowhere to attend in the fall.


And grades are not the only things that still matter. Admissions officers want to know whether these seniors have kept up with extracurricular activities and other commitments. And, admissions offices regularly check up on those commitments listed on applications.


So seniors certainly should not want to quit that club they claimed was their passion as soon as their applications are in. If they plan to exchange some activities for new ones just to explore their interests, that is of course OK, but it should be in line with what was written on the applications. If they know there are going to be major changes in how time is allotted, it would be good to draft up a quick update and send it to the colleges. But before doing that they should think about the impact.


And I cannot stress this enough because I have seen it happen to the best of kids — do not get into trouble at school or with the law. Do not cheat on the chemistry test because you were too tired to study. Do not drive with others in your car if your license prohibits it. Yes, these pieces of advice seem almost silly to write, but bad behavior in these last few months can outweigh 17 years of perfection.


The lesson is just not to get reckless and believe that you are invincible.


But seniors should have fun this semester. The next several weeks are going to be filled with senior activities. This will be their last time with this group of people. Upon graduation, people go their own ways. Seniors should get to know their teachers, and maybe even find out they are really interesting people!


“Senioritis” is commonly believed to be a lack of interest in school. But rather, “senioritis” should mean fully immersing yourself in your senior year and all that is has to offer.


Class of 2018, we wish you a fun and fruitful rest of your senior year! 

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