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Should You Consider An Appeal?

The short answer is… probably not. We get a lot of requests to help with appeals for students who just can’t understand why they received the decision that they did. As tough as it can be to hear, often times the decision from a college is going to be the final decision and launching an appeal process will be unsuccessful. 


However, a great reason to put an appeal together is if there was something missing from your application. Something you didn’t tell colleges about that you probably should have! 


(Ps – you can watch our video on this topic HERE!


We have worked with students who have done successful appeals because they were given bad advice about discussing something like a personal struggle that would have given colleges context about why their academic performance wasn’t a strong as it otherwise may have been. Or, not explaining a dip in grades in their application and just glossing over it, hoping that the college didn’t notice. 


Another reason could be a major accomplishment may have occurred in the time between submitting the application and receiving the decision! This can be a great thing to make sure the college is aware of. 


Whatever the reason may be for why important information wasn’t included in the application, those are the types of things we will be looking for if a student comes to us wanting to launch an appeal. It needs to be on the basis of some information that you are ADDING to your file that was missing from the original application. 


So, when you receive your decisions and start to think about your next steps, keep in mind the types of information necessary to launch a successful appeal and see if you have any of those. Completing an appeal takes work, time and emotional energy, so it’s important to make sure you understand all of your options and if this is the right one for you. 


We work with students and families on appeals and college decision meetings. Reach out to us today at info@insight-education.net for more information! 


All the very best!
Team Insight 


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