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UC Counselor Conference

The UC’s one-day Counselor Conferences offer the latest information about UC admissions, policies and practices. Team Insight were in attendance this year, hosted by UC Santa Cruz. The conference began with an admissions panel with admissions reps from all the UC’s. Each rep shared tips, including: 

– Make sure to begin checking the university portal as soon as you accept an offer. Students have missed important emails simply from a lack of checking (better yet, turn on your notifications for email accounts as soon as you create them)

– Similarly, make sure to be checking your spam folder and marking university emails as “not spam”. Each department may use a different email address, so make sure to do so for every different email coming from a single university. 

– Make sure you focus on high school experiences and activities for your UC essays 

– Admissions offices may select random parts of an application to verify, and they will reach out to a student to verify if needed. Make sure you can corroborate all information on your application, just in case you are asked to.  

– Most of all, it is key to make sure that you are tailoring each application to each school. The biggest mistake that students can make is not reading prompts or sections of the application properly, and providing incorrect information. 

The Admissions Panel

Claim to fame = meeting the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug!


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